Las Rozas Innova

Create a Smart City

The future belongs to sustainability

Las Rozas Innova has an ambitious Strategic Plan approved with the maximum consensus, to introduce the most innovative technology and efficiency in the city’s services and thus achieve maximum quality, safety and competitiveness.

It is a ten-year plan with specific actions in the areas of energy, mobility, communications, the commercial and business fabric, data management… With one goal: to improve the lives of our citizens and achieve a more efficient city from an economic, environmental and social point of view.

 Las Rozas is part of the Smart Cities Network (RECI) and is part of different working groups.

Las Rozas. Ciudad sostenible e inteligente

La ciudad de Las Rozas lleva años incluyendo parámetros de sostenibilidad e inteligencia en todos sus ámbitos. Las Rozas Innova es la empresa municipal de innovación del Ayuntamiento de Las Rozas creada para liderar una ambiciosa hoja de ruta que tiene como objetivo introducir la tecnología, la innovación y la sostenibilidad en el ADN de Las Rozas Ciudad Inteligente.

Cosmos & Las Rozas Smart City Platform

The “brain” of the Smart City. The Operations Center for the collection, processing, management and intelligent analysis of the city’s data.

Public Procurement of Innovation

Public Procurement of Innovation is one of the most powerful and cutting-edge tools that the Administration has, to enhance public-private collaboration and acquire innovative ideas to solve public needs. Las Rozas Innova is the municipal agency for Public Procurement of Innovation of the City of Las Rozas. Learn about the four challenges we have launched to the market and participate.

Energetic efficiency

Las Rozas Innova is the energy manager of the City Council and is carrying out an Efficiency Plan to improve the energy system and reduce consumption and expenditure.

Sustainable mobility

In Las Rozas we have an Urban Mobility Plan to implement a new multimodal, safe and sustainable mobility model in the city

Digital transformation

We support and guide the digital transformation of the commercial and business fabric of Las Rozas for the reactivation, transformation and dynamization of the business and entrepreneurial fabric of Las Rozas.