Las Rozas Innova

Blockchain Challenge
Las Rozas 2022

How can Blockchain technology help cities by combining its potential with

Smart Cities, Sustainable Energy and E-Government?

Open innovation initiative led by Las Rozas Innova and Alastria to identify technology solutions applicable to cities and award them €15,000.  [CLOSED CALL]

 📣  How can you participate?

You should fill in the registration form in one of the two categories: 

💡 Idea or Project

Solutions where the project has not yet reached the market.

🚀 Startups

 Solutions with a Proof of Concept or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) developed.

💡What kind of solutions are we looking for? 

We are looking for ideas, projects or start-ups that have developed blockchain solutions applicable to cities and that boost one of these three fields: 

📡Smart City (Internet of Things “IoT”) 

☀️Sustainable Energy  

💻 E-Government 

💡What is the selection process like? 

The selection of the Challenge finalists and winners will be made by a Panel consisting of a committee of assessors proposed by Las Rozas Innova and Alastria which will evaluate among others:

  • the suitability for the challenge
  • the innovation of the proposal
  • its level of maturity
  • its scalability

🏆What are the awards?

The Organisation will distribute a total of €15,000 in cash between the winners in the two categories to develop their solution. There will only be one winner in each category.

💡 Idea or Project

The winner of this category will receive 5,000 in cash to develop their solution. 

🚀 Startups

The winner of this category will receive 10,000 in cash to develop their project.

The Organisation will also give both winners the following awards in kind:   

  • Inclusion into Las Rozas Innova Hub for 6 months under the terms shown in its Bases.

  • Access to the network of experts 

  • Access to training and community events 

  • Access to perks 

  • Access to meeting rooms, office, etc. 

  • Visibility on social networks. 

  • Access to the Hub’s network of experts. 

  • Access to training for 6 months. 

  • Access to the services at the facilities, such as room reservations, the office and parcel services. 

  • The opportunity to do a pilot in the city (conditional on a certain level of maturity and the solution fitting in Las Rozas). 


  • One year’s free membership of Alastria, giving access to the different activities carried out by the association. 
  • Free access to the networks promoted by Alastria’s members for rolling out nodes and cases of use, after accepting the networks’ Governance and Operation Policies. 
  • Free support from the Alastria Tech team for rolling out cases of use on the Alastria ecosystem networks. 
  • Free visibility on Alastria’s social networks. 
  • Credits valued in 300€ for participants.

If you are a start-up that meets what we are looking for, you have until 6 November to be able to take part.


  🗓️ Stages of the Challenge 

The call lasts more than 1 month so that all the blockchain solutions wanting to take part can send their proposal using the registration form

During this stage the committee of experts will assess the proposals received bases on the assessment criteria set.

The award will be held at the Hub Las Rozas Innova.

If you have any doubts or comments, you can contact us here.

Members of the jury

Almudena de la Mata
Blockchain Intelligence
Carlos Kuchkowsky
Ana Suja >br> Amazon Web Services
Stefan Junestrand
Grupo Tecma Red
Carlos Ventura
Red Española de Ciudades Inteligentes
Loha Hashimy
Jaime Santamarta
Ayuntamiento de Las Rozas
Raúl Sánchez
Las Rozas Innova

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