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We are agile, we personalize our attention and services to the entrepreneurs according to their needs and take you to the next level.
Come and see why we’re different to  other hubs you’ve heard before.
We listen to you, we connect your company to others in the ecosystem and we support you in each step of the journey.  



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These are the technology-based startups that are growing in the Hub Las Rozas Innova, the space that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in Las Rozas.
In our have there are also some service or technological providers that support them and contribute to their development.



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Ponemos a disposición de los emprendedores, una red de profesionales especializados para asesorar y acompañarles en todas las etapas. ¡Únete a esta comunidad y colabora con las startups alojadas en el Hub Las Rozas Innova!

Prueba tu tecnología en Las Rozas y valida tu idea con clientes reales.

Come and grow with us at Hub Las Rozas Innova!