Las Rozas Innova


An open economy

Las Rozas is an open and modern city, located in the northwest of the Community of Madrid, the most prosperous and dynamic area of the fastest growing and most physically advantageous region of Spain.

People, infrastructure, business services, quality of life and the commitment to improve the ecosystem of citizens and businesses are values of Las Rozas, which attract innovative and technological investment and sets the city as a true Smart and Sustainable City.

With Las Rozas Innova your company will be integrated into a privileged, diversified and challenging business ecosystem that already includes companies from all over the world. If you want your company to join this challenge, Las Rozas Innova is your ally.

Why Las Rozas?

Las Rozas is the fourth city with the lowest unemployment rate in Spain and is in the top ten cities with the highest per capita rate in Spain. It is located in the northwest, in a privileged natural environment with a high quality of life. It has a powerful business park, with nearly 15,000 companies, which builds up an ecosystem connected and open to innovation and technological development.

Invest in Las Rozas

At Las Rozas Innova we can provide you with what your company needs to build and grow in a city that is committed to innovation and entrepreneurship, with a powerful business ecosystem that is connected and secure, with a strategic location and a high quality of life.


At Las Rozas Innova we have a network of partners that connects the business, university and entrepreneurial ecosystem and attracts talent and investment to the city. Come and connect with Las Rozas.

Data and studies for investment

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