Las Rozas Innova

Las Rozas Innovation Laboratory


Las Rozas is the place of pilot project tests for innovative solutions in mobility, energy or technological development. It is a city that shows and believe that innovation and technology are the future.

Hand in hand with companies, startups, of the Administration and the University, Las Rozas Innova lands innovative projects and ideas in the city to improve the lives of theior citizens and increase their opportunities.


Sandbox for Sustainable Urban Mobility

● Las Rozas has been a testing center for innovative solutions of the Regional Transport Consortium since February 2021.

● In December, the city will be the first urban environment in Spain in which the first autonomous food truck opens with the Goggo Network with whom Las Rozas Innova has a collaboration agreement to promote innovative solutions in terms of sustainable mobility.

Sandbox for Blockchain solutions

● Las Rozas Innova and Alastria have signed an agreement to turn Las Rozas into a benchmark city for blockchain technology, where entrepreneurs of this technology can rely on Las Rozas to test their solutions in a real environment.

"Space Zero" Covid

● Las Rozas has been a test space for the virucidal “Umbrella Zero” thanks to the collaboration agreement signed in March 2021 between Las Rozas Innova and Umbrella Technologies for the application (at the León TOlstoi municipal library) of the first permanent effect coating that has the certification of the Carlos III Health Institute, tested with SARS-COV 2 strains with an efficiency of 99.99%, which kills and repels the Coronavirus.

Solutions for energy efficiency

Las Rozas is a testing space for the development of actions that promote savings, efficiency and intelligence in energy and lighting matters by the hand of Signify, the world's leading lighting company. The agreement between Las Rozas Innova and Signify, signed in June 2021, facilitates the implementation of the most innovative technologies to promote sustainable and smart growth.