Las Rozas Innova


Las Rozas takes part in different forums, networks and groups whose objectives are getting to know, promote and connect our business, entrepreneurial and research ecosystem and attract talent and investment to the city.

We work together, under the triple helix model of innovation, with actions and projects that involve companies, universities and the Administration to promote the economic and social development of the city.


1British Chamber of Commerce

The City of Las Rozas is a partner of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain through Las Rozas Innova, the Municipal Innovation Company.

In this centenary institution we find the institutional, economic and investment interests of the United Kingdom in our country, the first European investor in Spain, being also Madrid, the first destination of its companies. The entry into the British Chamber is part of the Positioning Plan of Las Rozas abroad, in which the United Kingdom is a strategic country.


2Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem

Las Rozas Innova and Alastria, a non-profit association that boosts the digital economy through the promotion of blockchain, signed an agreement in February 2020 for the dissemination, promotion and encouragement of the application of this technology. The agreement encourages the implementation of initiatives in the city that apply blockchain technology and are useful in other parts of the world.

Based on this partnership, on June 30, 2021 the "Hackathon Blockchain Las Rozas" was held jointly, a commitment to open innovation, talent and technology to turn Las Rozas into a laboratory for the application of blockchain pilots also useful to other cities. From this Hackathon, two proposals were selected from more than 30 international projects. Solarmente and GoGreen, first and second place.


  • U-Tad, University for Technology and Digital Art
  • Francisco de Vitoria University UFV-Madrid
  • Nebrija University
  • University El Escorial-María Cristina
  • FP Qualitas center

We actively collaborate with universities and educational centers in the northwest of the Community of Madrid to connect and boost the educational, entrepreneurial and business ecosystem through projects that aim to enhance STEAM and entrepreneurial vocations, connect young talent with companies and generate opportunities in the city.