Las Rozas Innova

About us

We are Las Rozas Innova, the Public Innovation Company of the City of Las Rozas.
We promote the city’s technological and innovative ecosystem.
We attract and connect talent, entrepreneurship, companies and public administration for development of a smart, agile, modern, sustainable and full of opportunities city.

imagen del plan estratégico

Our Mission

We were born in July 2020 with a mission: to make our city one of the most innovative ones in Spain, where technology can in a sustainable way transform, innovate and attract ideas, solutions, talent and investment to generate opportunities for the city and improve people's lives.
We have a Strategic Plan 2020-2030 approved by the Board of Directors of Las Rozas Innova on October 24, 2020, with four strategic lines of action.


Our Objectives

Get to know our 2021-2022 Action Plan, the document that collects, one by one, the actions that Las Rozas Innova will carry out in the next two years.

2021-2022 ACTION PLAN