Las Rozas Innova

A connected ecosystem

Las Rozas has a powerful connected business ecosystem that has turned the city into a pole of attraction for investment, in the Hub of Technological Innovation in the West. With full support to facilitate investment.

Our best ambassadors are the people, the multinational companys and startups that for years have been betting on Las Rozas to grow and consolidate together with the nearly 15,000 (*) companies and freelancers located in the city.

(*) Figure provided by the Economic Activities Tax registry.

Our ambassadors

"Las Rozas is a pioneer town in promoting startups, a great place with potential for the great minds of the future, a place where you are encouraged to create.""

Sergio Conejo, Fundador y CEO en Worksible. Top Talent under 25- Innovation

"Las Rozas is the perfect ecosystem to learn to undertake, validate your ideas and make them fly(put them to work)"

Andrea García Torrijos, Co-founder of Hoop Carpool

"In Las Rozas you can breathe talent, enthusiasm, innovation and internationalization(globalization)"

Ignacio Pérez Dolset, Founder and CEO of U-tad University Center for Technology and Digital Art

"LG Spain has grown hand in hand with the innovative business, social and public ecosystem of Las Rozas, from which we hope to continue receiving the love, talent and drive that will make us continue to grow."

Jaime de Jaráiz, Pte. And CEO of LG Electronics Iberia


"Las Rozas is committed to becoming a laboratory of innovation and technology, in a space of new opportunities, making public-private collaboration and the collaborative work of all generations, a reality."

María Parga,
Honorary President of Alastria

triump (2)

"Las Rozas is committed to becoming a laboratory of innovation and technology and public-private collaboration. All my support to this initiative to improve the lives of citizens."

Paloma Lence, Marketing Manager of Triumph Motocicletas España, S.L.


“Las Rozas is continuously moving and progressing to become one of the largest startup ecosystems in Spain. Innovation and talent are boosted thanks to the public-private collaboration of the town.”

Álvaro Pérez Redondo
CEO of HarBestMarket, S.L.

Softtek (2)

"We have found in Las Rozas the ideal environment to promote our innovation strategy and increase our contact with the talent and entrepreneurship ecosystem."

Carlos Delgado,
CEO of Softtek EMEA


"Las Rozas Innova is a high-value partner where entrepreneurs are supported, listened to and valued. Its team facilitates the launch of your innovative solution."

Rosa Becerril,
Founder and CEO of Psiconnea